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Your app may be too smart for its own good

Flight take-off and landing times are always given in the local time of wherever the plane is taking off from or landing at as a way to avoid confusion. This is perfectly fine, as long as your online check-in web application isn't too smart for its own good. When I printed my boarding pass, it realised that my departure airport is one hour behind what it considered its "master" timezone of CET. It then decided to make my life easier by printing my ticket with the departure time set to one hour less.

Having a "security number" (which experience has pretty much confirmed simply means you're the nth person to check in) of 001 makes me think this is mostly untested code.

This post brought to you by the words "air" and "berlin" and the fact that almost everyone on the flight is a German tourist and has a real paper ticket, which seems quite retro to me

Carlos Martín Nieto <cmn@dwim.me>